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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Birthday Bargain

 We celebrated my grandson, Ethan's birthday yesterday. He is two years old.
I don't think he's special just because we share the same birthday.    He'd be special even if he had his own birthday.
But now, because of Ethan, nobody forgets my birthday.... Mike gave me this cool Texas A&M Aggie Football gear and Kate gave me George Bush's memoirs.
These are the best birthday presents that I have gotten in years!
Poor Ethan only got a toy truck and a dinosaur, so things are looking up for me!

After this post, Harvey and Lisa Rowe came by with Superpeep Maria Rowen with some very thoughtful birthday gifts including some chocolate pastries that Lisa felt had some sexual connotation and an instruction kit to learn Ballroom Dancing.
If Ethan was old enough, he would be so jealous.  I definitely won the score on birthday gifts this year.

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