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Friday, December 03, 2010

Bear Meat

Sometimes.... even though I'm a bona fide Mountain of a Man.... the magnitude of my accomplishments impresses even me.
This was one of those weeks when everything came together... like a freaking Swiss Clock.
For a year, I've been chasing a major wireless carrier to build the first order today.  For six months, I've been trying to get a capabilities meeting with another one of the big four carries..... meeting set up for next week.   For two years, I've been trying to get some major work in upstate NY where some of our best assets reside.... meeting on Monday for a major deployment.   And our standby biggest client gave some insight into a substantial amount of work coming our way in January.  Plus, today.....closed out a final payment with a troubleseome customer who we'll be avoid doing business with in the future.
Sometimes you eat the Bear, and sometimes the Bear eats you.
Man, that Bear meat tastes good.  Need some toothpicks and dental floss.

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