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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Real Estate Opportunity

Ever since I've offered a $2,000 American Express Gift Card to anyone who closed on a real estate purchase using our Buyer's Brokers Services... It's been havoc.
Peeps... if you think that you are putting me to the test.... you're fighting out of your weight class.
I don't care how many of you sign up.... I said it and I'll do it.  The more of you that sign up, just means that I have to dig deeply into my Mountain of a Man reserves.....
It's a Buyer's market now, and you have to make hay while the sun shines.   With prices remaining stable and mortgage rates at an all time low, you'll be happy in a short time that you decided to buy a new home. 
If you're willing to make the move, I'll be there to see this through with you.
Many of you don't know that former Peep of the Year, Michael "Murph" Murphy was one of the first to jump on this offer, and ended up with the home of his dreams.
Murph said....

"The best thing that I did was to hire J. Nestor to represent me and Beth as our Buyer's Broker. There are so many sharks looking to take advantage of you in the real estate business and we met our share of them until Nanepashemet stepped in and paved the way for us to fnd and purchase the house of our dreams.. I would recommend J and his company to anyone."
Contact for details. Or call 781-727-6516 anytime.
Just don't wait to buy Real Estate.... Buy Real Estate and wait.
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