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Friday, November 05, 2010

Raised Panels

I've been busy this week making raised panel wainscotting out of medium density fiberboard plywood (MDF) for the family room at the former Sundance Pre-School on West Shore Drive.  Still don't know if this is a good idea.
On the one hand....
MDF is a stable material, with no voids like other plywood, and it routs and cuts very cleanly and crisply.  It doesn't chip like #2 pine,  requires virtually no sanding and you have the option of unlimited panel size.
On the other hand....
It is heavy as hell.  Even a Mountain of a Man like myself has a hard time lugging the 97 lb. 4'x8' sheets around the work area.   And the sawdust that it exudes is fine and irritating.  A dusk mask and vacuum is crucial, but the sawdust still gets out of control.
I haven't gotten to the point where I can evaluate the ability of the stuff to accept coats of primer and paint.  That will come soon though because I have all of the stock cut to rails, stiles and panels and hope to have all of the wainscotting assembled by the end of the weekend.
I'm convinced that the raised paneling is a good idea though.  It lends a lot of character to a room and is worth the effort.   I had initially wanted to go with bead board throughout, but my daughter Kate thought that it looked cheesy compared to the raised panels.  I agree, but the raised panels are super labor intensive.
Even with the router tables, and raised panel bit set that I invested in years ago, it is a time sucking activity.
Ultimately, since raised panel wainscotting is so expensive, or such a pain in the ass to do from scratch as I am doing. it generally adds value to the property.
That is my ulterior motive, but if I'm going to live there, I might as well be surroundied by the fine woodworking detail that I have become accustomed to.

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