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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bash Rules

The frenzy has begun.
It's like a huge drum is beating louder and louder.
I don't get it.
Every year for the last twenty years or so, the night before Thanksgiving Day Bash at Nestor's has been a ritual event with the same rules.
1.  There are no invitations, but if you don't come, we will be insulted, and talk about you behind your back.
2.  The Cuisine is classic American Trailer Park-  lots of stuff deep fried in the Turkey fryer.
3.  Be prepared to drink with moderation - the beer will flow like wine.  Plus, we have wine.
4.  Clothes are mandatory.  Commando will not be tolerated.
5.  Bad jokes and loud, obnoxious behavior is encouraged.
6.  And, what should go without saying, the gift of the King of Scotch, Lagavulin Single Malt, will win you an automatic selection as a Nanepashemet Peep of the Week.
So that's it.   Six pathetic rules.  You would think that it could be easy enough for people to remember. 
This is the last year for the Bash to be held at Beverly Ave.  Next year, we will be up at the West Shore Drive house that borders Gerry Playground......  which may require the promulgation of additional rules.

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