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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

American Express Gift Card

The experience of helping Michael "Murph" Murphy and his wife Beth find their home in Southborough was really satisfying.  Regardless of some glitches in the process and a couple of hurdles to overcome, the result and good feelings in the end have made me decide to increase my activity as a Buyer's Broker, representing Peeps find homes and investment properties.
Even though there is no direct cost for this service, I've decided to sweeten the pot by giving a $2,000 American Express Gift Card to any Peep who purchases a property through my help.  This will set them straight buying furnishings or appliances, and add to my overall good feelings.
And feeling good is what's important... Right???  Plus, if anyone of you decides to buy 32 Beverly Ave.  in Marblehead, the Gift Card will follow as well.

32 Beverly Ave.

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