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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Karmic Politics

The Governor's race in Massachusetts is shaping up nicely with the liberal incumbent Democrat, Deval Patrick, opposed by the conservative Republican challenger, Charlie Baker, who has a strong business background in the medical insurance agency.
The now sitting State Treasurer, Tim Cahill, defected from the Democrats and is taking a spoiler role as an Independent.
It is the Cahill run that holds the irony.   He's not offering anything significant that would set him out from the normal singular ambitions of a political candidate.  Seems like he went Independent because he couldn't get the Democratic nomination.
Now he's suing members of his paid campaign staff who defected from him to support Baker, ostensibly because they felt that he couldn't win.   Looks pretty awkward and unGovernor-like for Tim.
Cahill now seems to be guilty of a number of things....   Lack of loyalty, questionable leadership, and poor management skill in the choice of his staff  lead the list.
He defects from the Democrats.... and his people defect from him.    Another case for the Law of Karma.  Seems like you just can't escape.

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