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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Hype

Halloween is so big now.  Especially up here right next to Salem, Massachusetts.
Since there are only two ways out of Marblehead.... through Salem or through Lynn.... I've been seeing a lot of Lynn lately.   Salem is completely gridlocked with people from all over the country gripped in Halloween hype.
This Saturday, Joanne and I are supposed to go to Sarah and Chris Crawford's house for a Halloween party.   You're supposed to dress up as something that begins with an "S".  It's a fun concept and bound to bring out some great creativity... but to me, it basically adds up to a lot of  "S"tress.
I don't like to wear costumes because I usually feel goofy enough in regular clothes, without dressing weird on purpose.   But since Sarah and Chris are such Super Peeps, we'll piece together something S like and get into the spirit. 
I'd love to find a nice Scotch Bottle costume before Saturday.

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