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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Correct Chilean Pronunciation.

Does it piss you off when those phoney newscasters try to put a foreign sounding spin on international names???
They're clueless on pronoucing "China" or "Japan" with a foreign sounding spin, but give them a name like "Bosnia" or any Hispanic name,  and it's off to the land of obnoxious, presumptuous intellectualism.
I don't care how the Chileans say the name of their country.  We pronounce it as "CHILLY"...
So if you hear one of those dipshits pronoucing it as "CHEE-LAY",  just try not to get too riled up.   We have to make room for pretentious assholes in our tolerant society.
And just rounding them up and dumping them into Cambridge coffeehouses is no solution.

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