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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Nice Start

The sun is out.  It's Saturday morning. Gas in the Truck.  Had a nice BM (which has become a rarity in my newly adopted low carb lifestyle).
The Greatest Grandkids in the World are coming over for the weekend and we'll be taking them for some FreshAyer.  Mike and Kate are coming to Marblehead to hang with them too.
Did a "Marblehead Pub Crawl" with Dale and Gail Johnson last night that took us from the Dolphin Yacht Club to the Boston YC to the Gerry Club.   So I guess it wasn't a "Pub" Crawl as much as a "Club" Crawl.  Hence the term "Marblehead Pub Crawl".
All of the cocktails and revelry screwed my diet.  Mostly the Cocktails.  So I'm a bit more heavy headed this morning than desired, but the kids will snap me out of it.
Life is good.

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