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Monday, August 16, 2010

Nice Start

I've purposefully avoided all of you Peeps who've asked me how much weight I've lost since staying off of the carbs for the last 12 days or so.
It goes without saying that it is none of your freaking business.
Nonetheless, as a Mountain of a Man, I realize that I must maintain the standards, set the bar, show the way for the rest of you hapless, disoriented, and uncharted Peeps.  It is a burden that I must bear.
So the fact is that I have lost 12 pounds in the first 12 days of this no carb, disciplinary period.... for a ratio of 1 lb per day.   I know that this rate will fall off over the remaining 75 days, but I'm pretty psyched at the start.  My goal is to get under 200 lbs  during the disciplinary period... but don't want to get too good looking too fast.

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