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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Lucky and Happy

Yesterday, in an ambitious bike ride up Hurricane Mountain Road, I shifted quickly down to 1st gear and threw the chain.   Even though I had my allen wrenches with me, I had no idea how that chain was configured on the Shimano gear shifter, and opted to have Joanne bring the F150 to pick me up.
Afterward, we followed my intended route but spent a decent amount of time on Hurricane Mountain since some guy had flipped his sports car and the ambulances and wreakers held everyone at bay.   While I was stuck on the side of the road, about 25 rallye cars had roared past me and I suspect that one of them misjudged the tricky turns in this road.
At any rate, I felt lucky compared to that driver, with the top of his car all squished.
Had my chain not flipped off, it would have been a decent haul back and I probably would have overdone it again, so I was happy with the mishap.  So Day 4 of no carbs laid off of the cardio for the most part.
I'll try to repair the bike and rev it up for Day 5.

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