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Friday, August 13, 2010

Low Carb

No carbs for 8 days and I've lost about 9 pounds.  There is no doubt that the elimination of bread, pasta, potatoes, cookies and crackers has significant power for weight reduction.   I still have a Sam Adams from time to time.  I mean... I haven't gone freaking crazy about totally dropping every single carbohydrate.   So this is technically a low carb diet.
Last night at the My Brother's Table Summer Party, it was easy to stay on  the shrimp and the cheese, and eat stuff off of the bread.  Been eating lots of nuts and cheese to ward off the munchies, where I would ordinarily turn to Cheezits, chips and popcorn.
But Man.... I miss my Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia..... really Bad.
I definitely feel like I have more energy.   Eggs for Breakfast,  Tuna with no Bread for lunch, Grilled Meat or Fish with Salad for dinner.  And as much cheese and nuts as I feel like in between.   Doesn't seem like much of a sacrifice.  
If I have lost 9 already in about a week, it would seem reasonable to be able to be able to lose 30 or so by the end of September.  Then I'll reintroduce macaroni and cheese, and Ben and Jerry's....  and Lay's Potato Chips.   All in moderation.   Plus I have to get some workouts in more consistently.
I like this diet better than counting calories because there is no denial - just a choice of different foods.  I'll probably switch to counting calories when I get to my goal weight in about 80 days.

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