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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Losing Tolerance

It's back out to Western Massachusetts tonight for another session of permit hearings for the evil communications monopole that threatens to ruin the health and financial livelyhood of the fine neighboring condominium residents.
One of the processes in this work is to pull the public file of prior hearings for sites of this type which have already been built.   It's always interesting to see the angst and vituperation in the opponents testimony to the innocuous pole that now stands.... without any of the earth shattering consequences that were predicted to occur in the hearing.
Course in the present case, it has never been disclosed by the opposing condominium residents  that half of the complex already stares straight into a lattace tower that is as unsightly as these things get.  I'm just curious to know how this existing tower has affected their lives.
We'll probably never know, because they don't mention it.
Hopefully, this meeting won't be another late night session, because I hate the commute back to Marblehead for these things.    Plus.... adding insult to injury, this is starting to cut into the profit margin of Nanepashemet Telecom because our contract makes us eat all of these extra hearings.
So my tolerance for resident's claims that exaggerate and mislead is starting to waiver a bit.

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