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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yacht Yarn

I was shocked to hear about Senator John Kerry's new custom built yacht......A $7million dollar beauty, built in New Zealand and moored in Newport, RI.
If nothing in that first sentence irks you a bit, then please read no further.   In fact.... get the hell off of my Blog!!!!
I don't care about Kerry's wealth.  I'm trying to get some myself and would never berate anyone for their possessions.
But if you are in the market for a product or investment, and you ignore the needs of your surrounding community who could benefit by your purchase, that shows a lack of loyalty and class.
If I have a friend who owns a restaurant, or sells insurance, or brokers mortgages.... that's who I buy from when its time to spend my money.   As long as the cost and the quality is reasonably the same, it is an act of disloyalty to ignore the economic offering of my friend or associate.
So now Kerry decides to drop $7m of the Heinz ketchup fortune into a sailing yacht.   So who does he buy from???  Not a New England Boat yard, where such a job would keep a town in employment for a year.  No.   He shops it around and has it made in New Zealand.   Probably saved a little cash.
At least he doesn't moor it there.... not that he chose his home state of Massachusetts.   Seems that if he moored it in MA, he may be subject to taxation in the state that he represents, so he chose Rhode Island.  He obviously has no intention of ever spending a mooring dollar in Massachusetts since the name of his yacht, as painted on the transom is "Isabel ~ Newport".
I used to like Kerry, but lost it for him when he misrepresented his war record during his Presidential run.  He seems like he is really out for himself, and this yacht yarn exemplifies this.
Seems like it's time to retire to Newport for the senior senator from Massachusetts.

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