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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yacht Scare

Not much more  press these days on the Gulf oil spill.   Now that the source has been plugged, nature seems to have taken over and the oil is being dispersed and absorbed.  After all... it's a natural substance from the earth.
The big scare.... that this would destroy the Gulf forever, and that this is the worst environmental catastrophe.... seems silly in retrospect.
It was so similar to the Swine Flu, and the Bird Flu before it.  Lots of scares by the Obama administration about a "Pandemic".
But now the Obamas are hiking in Maine and planning a return visit to Martha's Vineyard.  Things seem a little relaxed.   Maybe Kerry will spin the "Isabel" up from Newport and take them for a sailboat ride.   Hopefully, all of the Rhode Island maintenance is complete and his tax bill that he always intended to pay is all settled.
What type of maintenance does a new $7mil. New Zealand built yacht require anyway?????   A little Lemon Pledge while keeping up with the dusting should do the trick.   I hope that Kerry got a warranty from that New Zealand boatyard for all of the money that he paid them.
Poor Senator Kerry.... If the Gulf disaster wasn't such a bust, nobody would have focused on his yacht maintenance problems.   The Dems can't come up with another scare soon enough for the Senior Senator from Massachusetts.

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