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Friday, July 09, 2010

Suicide Stance

I know that I put the scare into many of you Peeps at the thought of my Mojo being a little low.
But there was no need for widespread panic!!!!
Just because my fastball lost a little zip, I get all these calls and emails from Peeps looking to off themselves... to jump off the Tobin Bridge, or open their veins in the bathtup, or something gruesome like that.
The official Nanepashemet position on suicide is a thumbs down.  Definitely not cool and not suitable Peep behavior.
So..... Cut the Crap!!!
The fact is that the Mojo Meter was tracking pretty positive today.   Took care of a lot of details, picked up a nice receivable in the mail, and got a great RFP opportunity.
If you killed yourself, you would miss the tally of this week's lobster trap pull.  Which is precisely why Nanepashemet has adopted it's progressive anti-suicide stance.

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