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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Studly Tender

The rowing was going good but it was too rough to fish outside of the harbor.  So I circuited Marblehead  Harbor twice for a total of 6.67 miles.
Course after six miles I found myself at the Boston Yacht Club dock and noticed that the outdoor bar and grill was open, so I called Joanne to meet me on the porch and downed a couple of Mount Gays and Coke before the last half mile.
The Tender performed well in the rough outer harbor chop and also received the usual oohs and ahs from passing boaters and people at the BYC Dock.  There must be something lodged deep in the human psyche that makes people attracted to natural wood and varnish.  Too bad it's so damn hard to maintain.
At any rate, the Tender is back and looking studly even with an overweight, middle aged rower at the oars.

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