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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rowing with Purpose

High tide this morning is at 10:30, and I'm thinking seriously of breaking through the lethargy and getting a vigorous row in.
The Tender is finally ready and suitable for public view.
I'll take my fishing rod for trolling, launch at Riverhead Beach, and row out to Marblehead Rock which .is about two miles away.  I have an ulterior motive with this route choice, because I had 4 pots at Marblehead Rock, and could only locate three when Tommy O and I hauled yesterday morning.
It would be nice to land a keeper striped bass during this workout.  We only netted two keeper lobsters this week, although a lot of critters ended up in the traps including four shorts, three skates, a large flounder, two rock perch and about six huge snails.   So if we weren't so picky about just getting lobsters, it could be considered a fine catch.

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