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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goofy Dufus

So I'm right in the middle of the zoning hearing tonight, literally surrounded by hostile elderly condo owners who were giving me stares that made me feel that they thought rather ill of me.  Like they would inflict some pain if we were in a less civilized culture.
I always try to keep a happy countenance in situations like this.   Make the people think that I am some goofy dufus who doesn't realize that he is right in the middle of a crowd that would like nothing better than to separate his gonads from the rest of his man tackle.  Poor Skippy... he would never be the same.
Then, just as the testimony gets a little dicey, I start getting text messages from some of you misguided and irritating Peeps saying stuff like,  "How's it Going?"
I know that many of you are probably getting sick of the characterizations of myself as a "Mountain of a Man"..... but who else could maintain a Goofy Dufus posture while enduring the most annoying text messages ever during a very ackward moment????    
I mean.... you have to be a Mountain of a Man to pull this stuff off.
Anyway, with the vote count in question, we succeeded in getting the hearing continued so that we can provide additional information.   Unfortunately for Nanepashemet, we are on a lump sum contract and can't charge by the hour for this one.   Or this permit process could be getting pretty lucrative by now.

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