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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stupid and Ackward

If you believe the reports of ABC News, people on the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico are being told that they can't work in the cleanup unless they are part of the official BP cleanup effort.  That's great.  Take individual initiative right out of the mix.  Don't allow people to help themselves.  Have people stand around and let the federal government direct BP what to do.
Does this sound like liberal ideology to you???  We're from the government.  We know better.  We will take care of you...... deteriorating into regulation, bureaucracy and incompetence.
I'm officially frustrated. 
This is a low tech clean up effort that Americans could handle with a little competent action and leadership.  Governor Jindal of Louisiana likes it when President Obama flies down there because he says that is when the pace of the federal effort is picked up.  Nice plan.  Have the President of the United States babysit the federal workers.
I've been to Louisiana numerous times.  Been in the Bayous and salt marshes of the vast Mississippi River Delta.   It is a beautiful area, and I'm not worried for a second that it will be ruined forever.  The mess will be cleaned, and the oil, which is a natural substance will break down and be absorbed.  Too bad it has to be this stupid and ackward.

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