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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lobsters for the 4th

With the help of Tommy O, we dropped all ten traps at strategic places off of the islands in Marblehead Sound.   The competition for the tasty crustaceans seems pretty intense with traps all over.
I avoided the mud around the Salem Harbor Lighthouse this year because of all of the gross, jelly like stuff that grew around the traps.  Even though the area was productive, some of the alien life forms kind of turned me off from fishing that area.
Had a little engine trouble, where the connectors to the battery had corroded and it was difficult to get the charge necessary to turn over the engine.   Mark Ryan of Ryan Marine jumped on that one and fixed it today for which I was really grateful.   It's nice to have a boat mechanic service that you can trust and actually gets work done promptly.
We'll check the traps tomorrow and hopefully there will be Lobsters for the 4th.

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