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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Lots of people dropped by to celebrate Grandson Will's birthday today.  As usual, Joanne did most of the work, but I manned the grill.
And that's something.... right?
The secret of good grilling is that you need both high heat in the 500 degree range and low heat in the 300 degree range.  So you sear the meat for the first couple of minutes at high heat on both sides then patiently slow cook the meat at low heat until it's done to  rare, medium, or well done.
But the real secret is to pay attention.
You can't be knocking down beers and carrying on with the company if you expect to produce some good grillwork.  I use a timer and constantly turn the meat at five minute intervals.  Chicken takes three times as long as everything else and hotdogs and burgers go on dead last.
If you're trying to talk to me while I'm grilling, and I seem aloof and unattentive... that's because my mind is on the freaking grillwork.  I'm sure that whatever you are saying is totally interesting and relevant, but it can't be more important than screwing up the meat.

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