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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Evil Plot

Last night at a hearing of a Planning Board in Western Massachusetts, a Board member pinned back the President of a Condominium Association who has asserted that my client's tower would drop the property values of his Condo complex.   The Board member asked him to substantiate this claim.  Give some evidence where this has happened.
Didn't expect that to occur.  Usually we are subject to unprotected assault as the perpetrators of evil towers at these hearings.  People can make all sorts of wild and insulting claims with no pressure to legitimize their assertions.
For instance, we were accused of aiding to the drug traffic in the area, and it was stated that we should  pay a monthly stipend to each owner at the condominium.   Both of these points were new highs/lows for me at hearings like this.
The Board Member's question.... to actually explain an inflammatory remark.... was a refreshing change.  
We will eventually get the approval to build this tower, after hearings throughout the summer and the expense of substantial legal fees.   And the condo's value will not be diminished, nor will drug traffic pick up in the area, nor will the tower make people sick, nor will it fall down and kill someone.
This too shall pass, as I inflict my evil plot to build wireless towers and wreck the lives of all in my path.

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