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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Crisis Control

Now our friendly thought police at ABC News are telling us that there are "not one oil slick, but hundreds of thousands of small slicks."
That's a good thing.
An oil slick in the ocean is not a technological challenge to clean up.   You surround it with absorbent booms, then pump it up.  If there are thousands of small instances like this, then the challenge is not a technological one, but purely logistical.
How do we get the proper amount of vessels with booms and skimmers to the priority slicks???  I would think that even the Obama administration can figure this out.
And the other tactic that the ABC Shepard's are touting is to point out a floating oil slick and then lament that there are no clean up vessels in the area.   But with a finite amount of vessels available, the prudent thing is to attend to those slicks that are threatening ecologically sensitive areas first.... ie. the Coastal area.
A slick in the middle of the ocean is no big deal.  If fish are stupid enough to swim through it, or birds dumb enough to land in it, then Darwin's theory will fix those problems.
So the available resources should be deployed on a triage basis.  Tending to the worse cases first then moving to the rest.   I wonder if the alarmists can handle this approach.  What do you say, Congressman Markey???
If President Obama needs Nanepashemet Project Management to outline this approach and provide direction, we can fit this into our work schedule.  We will charge the government rate.
My prediction is that this crisis will have less legs that the Swine Flu pandemic scare.

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