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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cessation of Hostilities.

Sometimes I think I overdo it with the "Mountain of a Man" stuff.
But then I have days like today when I realize just what a Mountain of a Man that I really am!
I had left the house in the F-150 around 7:00AM and headed south through Boston and Providence to the City of Groton, Connecticut...... A trip I have made far too many times over the last year and a half.
The drama unfolded about 10 o'clock this morning as I advanced into the sanctorum of the enemy.  After a quick stop in the Men's Room, I was fully prepared to engage in mortal combat and win what was legally and rightfully mine.
When the Building Department Counterclerk saw me, she slowly rose from her chair, picked up some plans and documents that were bound in elastics, handed them to me, and said..... "Here you go."
Thus ended the epic confrontation after months of struggle.
I'm sure the trauma and the bad dreams will fade with time.

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