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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Move for Benny

Big News Peeps!!!!
You remember Mega-Super Peep, Ben Martin, who is the offensive line coordinator of the Official NCAA Football Team of Nanepashemet, Merrimack College???
Ben just accepted a job as the Offensive Line Coach at Texas A&M in Houston.
Way to go Benny!!!!
This is a trip to the big time and Ben really deserves it.   Not only are the Aggies of national caliber in football, they also are at the apex of NCAA Division 1 Track and Field.
This is just another example of the power of the Nanepashemet Blog.  As soon as we designated Merrimack as an official endorsement, great things happened to Ben.
But now we probably will be leaving Merrimack and giving the endorsement to Texas A&M.  I have to think about the implications of this for awhile.

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