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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Day

Big day in store for this Saturday.
I'm first heading down to the Pram at Village Wharf and will be taking that out to check on the WhaleEye.  We'll fire up the engine and christen the season with a litle spin around Salem Harbor.
But it's not a great boat day today, so I'm going to get to the Town Dump and load up the pick up truck with some loam to landscape the backyard with.
If I'm still ambitious, I'll try to finish the work on the Pram Centerboard and epoxy repair the Tender, although the odds are that rigor mortis will have set in after the landscape work.
4:00 PM is a big deadline to stop all activity and clean up because Buck Johnson and his Trophy Wife, Gail, are going over for dinner, with drinks starting at 5:00PM.  It's Gail's birthday weekend, so I'm sure that Joanne will rev up her culinary skills.

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