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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ivy Issue

President Obama is nominating Elena Kagan, Dean of the Harvard Law School, to be a Supreme Court justice.
I have no knowledge of her, but it looks as if Obama is reaching back to his experience of people when he was a student at Harvard.
That's his prerogative as the President... but the older I get and the more experienced in business that I become... I have grown less and less impressed with people who have emerged from this prestigious university.   I'm not saying that I am biased about all people who come from Harvard... there are always exceptions.
But, there is an aura of entitlement and an inability to get things done in many of the people that have come from Cambridge.  Give me a UMASS alum any day if you want someone hungry who will put the work in.
Yes, it's true.... I would accept the President's nomination if he was inclined to appoint me to the Supreme Court.  But,  I wouldn't have a chance in Hell of getting the Senate confirmation.

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