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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goose Eggs

Thanks for all of the calls and emails asking how my permit work went yesterday.
It still is mind numbing why you would give a fart about this, but I'll answer your irritating inquiries anyway.
I got Skunked. Pummeled. Goose Eggs.
I needed an additional engineering report in Peabody.  The Building Commissioners in North Providence and Johnston, RI wanted to hold the applications for a while, and we got hit with a buzzsaw of opposition from condominium residents at the zoning public hearing in Sturbridge.
The hearing in Western, MA lasted until 11:30PM and the trip back to the North Shore through Boston was replete with detours due to highway repairs conducted in early morning hours, so I didn't hit the sheets in Marblehead until 1:30AM in the morning.
That's a long day to come up with nothing.
I'll try again today.

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