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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Election HiJinx

Looks like the incumbents took a beating in the primary elections yesterday as the trend established by Senator Scott Brown continues to have legs.
The first Tea Party candidate, Rand Paul, trounced his Republican opponent in Kentucky.  Naturally, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America hailed the victory as an "impact to the Republican Establishment".
What???!!!  Say again Robin???  It was a Tea Party candidate overturning an Incumbent.  If I were an incumbent President (ie Barack Obama), this wouldn't be sitting well with me.   The Republicans have been out for 14 months.
The GMA Liberal spin is so obvious, and I am such a Moron for continuing to watch this insidiously untruthful daily broadcast.
I'm particularly glad that Attorney General Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, running for a seat in the Senate, who claimed that he was a Vietnam Veteran when he actually remained Stateside during the War, was defeated.
He deserved to lose, and he also deserves to go to Hell.  Lying like that negates the sacrifices made by real Vets who legitimately suffered and solely deserve the credit to say that they served in Vietnam.
There should be a law against this...... this guy should serve jail time.

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