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Sunday, April 25, 2010

More FreshAyer

Heading out with the Grandkids for some FreshAyer this morning.
As weird as it sounds, this is always a fun trip that we look forward to.   Ryan always has new stuff to tell us, and seems to know more about Marblehead than we do thanks to all of the people who visit and email him, and he has indepth knowledge in the fields that he has been reading.  He is in unbelieveable shape and holds the camp record for fastest lap around the track.
It's a no win system that ultimately the taxpayer pays for.  Makes no sense and I can think of many ways  to change it for the better.
But....the  kids are always thrilled to see him and he's the same.  If the weather is good, everybody is in non-stop motion outside.  It makes for a really good time.
Like I said... pretty weird.

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