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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Migration on Hold.

With the fence done, the messy woodpile at the side of the house was scresaming to be moved.  So I completed the wood rack and saw jack under the deck and moved half of it yesterday.  After a visit to FreshAyer this morning I will complete that project.
Then a thourough raking and clean up will be in order.
I uncovered and moved the Tender and the Pram yesterday as well and each will need a fairly serious overhaul of all surfaces to be ready for the season.  The Appalachian project will be put on hold until these boats are ready to be launched for the season.
But that will only take a few weeks and the migration of the backyard from Appalachia to New England will continue.  The problem is that everytime one component is finished, other parts emerge to be intolerable.

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