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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gardening , Football, and SuperPeeps

We took the grandkids over to Merrimack College today to see Ben Martin's Football team put on an exhibition at alumni day.   Scuba Steve and his fetching wife, Jill, were there too.
Ben is the Offensive Line coach, and he has some big bruisers under his mentoring.  Merrimack Football is the official NCAA Football team of the Nanepashemet Blog, so it was an important event.
Ben taught Grandson Will the three point stance after the game.  All in all, a very worthy and enjoyable endeavor for a warm Saturday afternoon.
I was pretty sore though, due to the events of the morning.   Superpeep Brian Butler had asked to borrow the F150 for some dump runs and showed up around 7:15 AM to pick it up.   Since I was up anyway, I decided to get some work done on the Appalachia Project in the backyard before I had to shower for the Merrimack event.
The water table and mud had finally subsided and I raked, weeded and spread grass seed on about 1/3 of the backyard before it was was time to clean up and drive to North Andover.  Worked up a nice sweat and maxed my back to the limit.   Ethan and Will had a great time watching Ben's team despite their limited attention spans.
But I was pleasantly surprized when I went to get something in the F150  after we got back.  Brian had left a bottle of Black Seal Goslings Rum with a nice thank you note for using the truck.   Even though it was entirely unnecessary, it proved once again why Brian bears the coveted title of "Superpeep".
There are not a heck of a lot of Superpeeps.   And you don't often get contact with many of them in the same day.   But between Scuba Steve, Jill, Benny, and Brian.... it was one of those days that make everything seem right with the world.

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