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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Trip to West Virginia

Since the trees in my neighbor's backyards have blown down over the past year, the back of my house has gained a lot more visibility.
Being a Mountain of a Man generally consumes a lot of time, and I don't always fit in the more mundane tasks such as finishing the last part of shingling jobs, or fixing hanging gutters, not to mention the proper storage of ladders, turkey fryers, lobster pots and such.
But now that the back of the house is clearly visible from Tidewinds Terrace, I decided that a little maintenance might be in order.  Basically the front of the house is in the North Shore of Boston, but the back of the house looks like Jed Clampett's West Virginia Appalachian Homestead.  The only thing missing was a rusting auto chassis in the yard.
So I took advantage of a late winter thaw this weekend, cleaned out all of the trash, shingled the back of the garage, fixed the gutter and made a huge dent in relocating Appalachia to New England.  My plan is to get the entire backyard back to the NorthShore by April.

Tuna Lips said...
Sounds like some perty good camerfloddgery for a home brew cookin' tank.

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  1. Tuna Lips2:01 PM

    Sounds like some perty good camerfloddgery for a home brew cookin' tank.


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