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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Staying Strong

The United States of America is the strongest nation in the world... by far.
Our American economy is so huge, at a Gross Domestic Product of $54Trillion per year, that it is larger than the next four largest national economies  - Britain, China, Japan and Germany - combined!
Our American Navy controls the oceans of the world without question.   Nothing moves between countries unless we tacitly allow it.
The spirit of individual initiative and ingenuity that has produced this unprecedented national strength can be attacked.  It can be compromised.  It can be a subject of self loathing apology.
But it can't be destroyed.... or even derailed.
Not even close.
We'll fix this health care fiasco.  We won't let the system bloat, decay, and erode like the other socialized systems.  We'll find a way before this ill thought out, abortion of a reform, ruins lives.   And we'll see the political pendulum sweep out the self loatheing hacks at the same time.
American Strength will prevail.

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