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Friday, March 26, 2010

Project Appalachia Status

Today, after a very productive morning at Nanepashemet Telecom, I got out into the backyard and took stock of what remains to be done in completing the transformation from Appalachia to New England back there.
Still shingling to be finished, but the focus now is on the stockade fence.  I stabilized the portion where the willow tree had crashed through, leveled the post, and put some concrete mix into the post hole to mix with the rainwater.
Repaired the fence railings by using the Kreg Jig to screw some new support boards in.
After a visit to FreshAyer tomorrow morning, I will try to dig the last two post holes and install the railings.  Then it's just a question of installing the pickets, which I will hopefully complete on Sunday.
There's still a chance that I can get the shingling details done before April, but unlikely, since the Nanepashemet business is starting to really pick up lately.  But as long as we have reclaimed the backyard and painted the house trim prior to fishing season starting in late May, everything will be on track.

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