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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moaning about March

March is the worst month of the year for weather in Boston.   The temp keeps creeping over 50 degrees and the warmth of the sunshine makes you start to yearn for spring, then a quick cloud cover coupled with drizzle at 38 degrees puts the winter chill right back into you.
Plus, even though I'm basically a Northern guy, and the cold weather  never really bothers me, you finally get bored with it, when it's raw and rainy but not snowing.
When my ancestral trust fund kicks in... or when I hit the Powerball Lottery... whichever comes first, I'll be heading for some tropical outpost for the entire month of March.  Until then I'll be slugging it out with the March weather, getting as close to bitching and moaning as a Mountain of a Man can get.

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