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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Last Thousand Days

Some time tomorrow, it will be 1,000 days until December 21, 2012... which the Mayans have predicted as the end of time.
So is this our last one thousand days???
How will you spend these last precious moments?
I suppose that if you really believed in this doomsday stuff, you  wouldn't care about going on a diet, or learning to play the guitar, or paying your taxes....  among other things.  Probably doesn't make sense to buy a lottery ticket, or cut the grasss, or shave.
You still should treat people right, because the Mayans didn't say anything about the afterlife being cancelled... and you don't want a lot of people pissed off with you in the hereafter.   Or at least, you don't want to piss off more than you already have.
One good thing is that phoney liberals and their wacky bullshit won't bother me as much.  Don't care if they win the elections if they don't have any more time to screw things up.
I will continue to Blog though.  Blogging is Life and Life is Blogging.... and we still have 1,000 days to go.

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