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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scattering to the Exits

What's with all of these Democratic Congressmen who are leaving Congress?
It seems like the Democratic majority is imploding into itself.  They have the power and the votes to make a change, and are unable to do so.  We know that they can throw rocks, but now that they have the tools, they can't build anything.
Am I being too critical here?  Patrick Kennedy, William Delahunt, at least two others in the past two weeks.  All of a sudden, they don't care too much about change.  Change is good as long as they don't have to be the ones to put in the time and effort to effect it.
You would think that someone with the leadership skill of Speaker Nancy Pelosi could stem the tide of these costly resignations.
And Obama seems to be wallowing in rhetoric and ineffectiveness.  All of that executive experience at the Chicago ACORN agency doesn't seem to be kicking in.
It is approaching mid term.  The light in the room has been turned on and it seems like there is quite a bit of scattering to the exits.

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