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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Census Takers

The US Census was first formed because there had to be a way to count citizens in order to allocate Congressional seats to the States.
That's it.   Count the heads and determine the population of the States.
Now, we're informed by the United States Department of Commerce that  the Census is required so that each community can receive its fair share of government funds.   And in order to determine the "need" the Census delves into all sorts of questions that have nothing to do with a head count.
Sorry, but I just become less trustful and more jaded as I get older.  We are losing our freedoms as the government seeks to learn every part of our private lives though its taxation and "census" systems.  Our rights to privacy and our ability to lead our own lives as we deem fit within the reasonable boundaries of law are under attack.
The Founding Fathers would have revolted under our present government.

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