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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Warehouse Shelving Saturday

It's 8:30 Saturday Morning.  We've already been to FreshAyer yesterday afternoon, and the grandkids aren't over this weekend, so  I've pretty much mapped out the Day with my plan to make two 4'x8' Utility shelving systems to try to organize some of the clutter in the Nanepashmet Telecom warehouse.

If you know where the warehouse is, don't think that you can be dropping by to say hello, because I'll be way too freaking busy  from 9:00AM to about 11:30 tonight.

Heavy Duty Warehouse Plywood Shelves.  Self Contained and Movable

Work Breakdown Structure  /Hours

1 Buy and transport 6 - 3/4 plywood sheets  /  1.
2 Set up Table Saw and Radial Arm  /1

3 Rip 4 Sheets into 16" wide 96 long  /1
4 Cut tops and Bottoms on radial Arm  /0.5
5 Assemble Sides and Tops with Kreg  / 1
6 Angle clamps
7 Set up Compressed Air Nailer  / 0.5
8 Nail Back Panels to sides and tops   /0.5
9 Measure and Cut internal shelves /0.5
10 Measure and Cut Spacers from leftovers / 0.5
11 Assemble Shelves and Spacers with Kreg /1
12 Transport Shelving to warehouse /0.5
13 Load Shelves /1
14 Shower and have a few Winter Cocktails / 5
Total Hours 14.5

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