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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ice Age

For a while now, the Democrats,  spearheaded by Al Gore and endorsed by Barack Obama,  have been trying to scare us with dire warnings of the dangers of Global Warming.
And the Obama administration embraced the threat of the Swine Flu... urging us to line up for innoculations.
A bit on the Chicken Little, "The Sky is Falling" side.... don't you think?
With Federal Employees on the third day off due to record snow in Washington, it's hard not to question this Global Warming line of Bullshit.  
I believe in climate change.  The glacial boulders that have been dragged all over New England have convinced me that 12,000 short years ago, ice permanently covered this region.  The weather will naturally change, and we humans will have to adapt like our spear chucking ancestors did.   But I resent scaring people so that you can advance your egotistical, controlling agendas.
Glad the Dems weren't around during the Ice Age.  They would have been so helpless with nobody to loathe and blame.
In the meantime.... bundle up..... this cold and snow is a pain in the ass.

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