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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cool Biathlon... Stupid Luge

The Luge is stupid, but the Nordic Biathlon is cool.
Cross Country skiers race around a loop and stop at a rifle station, take the 22 caliper rifle that they have been carrying on their back, and shoot at targets.  For every miss, they have to take an additional lap.
Now you have to admit that this is pretty cool..  You are skiing your ass off, then you have to get really calm and steady while you load, aim and fire your rifle.  When the competitors ski over the finish line they collapse in exhaustion.
How tiring is it when you have sat on your luge sled for less than a minute and risked your life sliding 90 mph down a mountain in an ice track?

Tuna Lips said...
yer slip is showin', Sally.


  1. yer slip is showin', Sally.

  2. Off to Disney tomorrow, gonna have some fun. Hope that fun earns me points for peep of the year.


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