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Monday, January 18, 2010

Presidential Desperation

Just 1500 people to see Obama with Coakley in Boston.  Plus, without a teleprompter, he forgot he was in Massachusetts.  I kid you not... it was on Fox last night.
Meanwhile a couple of thousand including "Yankee Fan" Curt Schilling and Doug Flutie were out in Worcester with Brown.
President Obama has been in office for one year.  The discontent of the Massachusetts electorate, in making a close race of the seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, should be a clear message to him that he has to change course.
  • His economic stimulis package is a bureaucratic boondoggle.
  • The war in Iraq and Afghanistan rages on.
  • 10% of the people here are out of work.
  • His Health Plan is a Democratic pork barrel.
Barack.... you've got three more years to get a handle, or you'll be as desperate as Martha Coakley.

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