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Monday, January 04, 2010

Outgoing POTY Address

Lauren Rathbone, 2009 Peep of the Year, has given the following inspirational POTY annual outgoing address....

I was just reading the blog, I have been in North Conway all week with no Internet, and had to first read the peep of the year selection 2010. I sadly did this before getting my kids out of the car, before feeding my family, before unpacking the car, and before I checked facebook. Jason was really thrilled with my priority list. I was sure Brian Butler was going to get the title. I know his new years day was ruined by this.

I congratulate Jeremy on the PEEP of the year 2010. I am ready to move on from the title. I have an idea of why I was given it last year. But my guess is I will never really know. When I look at the picture of my kids and I on the blog last year it made me realize that a year goes by super fast! And a lot can change in a year. I will try not to take things for granted. I will try to laugh when Ethan and Beckett fight all day, color the entire living room with magic markers, throw food at each other, because I know next year things could and will be completely different.

I hope all the peeps have a safe, healthy, and fun 2010!!!!
- Lauren Rathbone

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