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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ideas and Memories

We have the grandkids this weekend, and had a nice visit at FreshAyer.  They really have fun there which is kind of weird.  These visits will be nice memories for them when they get older, if they can remember them at all.  I don't think that we have memories from the toddler age as much as flashes of recognition.   Like if you see a photo of yourself at age three, and seem to remember the Halloween costume you were wearing in the picture.
Supposedly, everything that you do is permanently recorded in the collective consciousness that the Hindu's call the Akashic Records.  It's probably good that we mortals forget stuff.  If you remembered everything, you would be so encumbered with memories that you couldn't address the present.
In the future, science will figure out what our brains really do....  I wonder how many Gigabits of memory they hold, or how powerful they are as radio transmitters.  I'll bet the answers are that our hearts and brains are virtually powerplants of energy that our senses cannot perceive.   Science will discover that our thoughts are tangible things that forge the reality that we experience.
So think good thoughts... just in case I'm right about this.

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