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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Attention Span

I didn't really listen to President Obama's speech last night.  I tried to pay attention, but kept drifting off practicing scales on my guitar.
Every time I tried to get into it, I ended up being sidetracked by Sappy Biden nodding his head like a mindless moron or Speaker Pelosi smirking, drooling and jumping out of her chair at every opportunity to clap like a sophomore cheerleader.
Am I the only one who feels nauseous by the sight of these two adults acting like pitiful airheads everytime Barack raises his voice?
I did listen when the President said that he was elected for "change" but he never said that he could do it by himself.  No Shit.  He hasn't got the votes.
And I'm so happy that he is going to let gays serve in the military.   Does anybody give a shit about that?  One tenth of the population is gay.   They've always served in the military.  Clinton already jumped on a sword with this non-issue.   How stupid is Obama to do the same?
I'd like to give you an intellectual critique of his State of the Union Speech,... but I didn't/couldn't pay attention.

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