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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Decade of Terror

It dawns on me as this decade closes that it was the decade of terror.
Having won the Cold War in the 90's, we were supposed to be enjoying a peace dividend.   With vast military superiority, we were set to become the benevolent police force in the world.
Instead, the freaking Crusades started up again.   Stuff that was supposed to have ended 1,000 years ago raised its ugly head.   Where before, we were worried about the Russians destroying our country, and could focus our military against theirs.... now we have to be alert to every insane Muslim zealot who wishes to kill himself in order to gain a cushy, sex-filled spot in the afterlife.
Sorry, but I think I'd rather have the Russians.  At least they pointed the gun right at you, and muscled up against our military.   These Middle Eastern nutcases choose to send human bombs  to kill non-combatants in public forums.  And there is no way to negotiate with them.  They just want us dead.
I feel so bad for the vast majority of Muslims who are being painted with the same brush as this insane few. The bad feeling that can be generated against a God loving religion is the real victim of these attacks.
BTW,  Happy New Year.

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