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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

False Priorities

The Day before Thanksgiving is always the busiest day of the year for me.   There are so many last minute preps needed for the Bash, yet my clients usually demand a full working day.  A bit of insecurity that their projects won't receive the attention that they deserve over the long weekend.
As hard as I know that business is,with the need for total dedication to achieve success, it always pisses me off when people think that you have to work on the weekends or on holidays.   We're not curing cancer... we are padding the bottom line of our client. 
I was never impressed by workaholics who think that they are getting ahead by working on weekends and holidays.
If you decide  to work on a Holiday when your job doesn't require it, then you need to get a life.   Your family should be a bit more important than your job or career.
So for my misguided client who asked what we will be accomplishing over the Thanksgiving Weekend.... the answer is a BIG FAT ZERO.   And do yourself a favor... get a life.
See you next Monday.

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